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6. In pairs, choose five things forma the list adove.
- Give a short speech saying what you would do if were mayor of your hometown.

If i were mayor of Mexico. I would to help less pollution and would built more schools. It would also make it more job opportunities and helps poor people.

7. Can you...

a) Say five things you would change about your life if you could?

If i were millionaire would built more universities.
If i were an artist would help poor people.
If i were President make people have more jobs.
If i were a professional i would like to travel to many countries.
If i were a musician i would like to have a rock band.

b) Name five different types of leaders and they do?

President: Site has more authority within an organization. This is the head of a government or corporation, who makes major decisions.

Judge: Person who has authority to judge in a public competition and enforce the rules.

Bishop: Christian Priest highest degree that is appointed by the Pope, whose main functions are to govern a diocese, ordaining priests, and confirm the faithful consecrate churches.

Director: Is responsible for directing certain activity.

C) Talk about the different schools you have attended and subjects you studied?

I attended a three different schools and i studied variuos subjects example english, accounting, computation and music, i think everything help me why i learned more.

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